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Saeam Kwon. a ceramist born and raised in South Korea, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Owner and maker of an independent ceramic brand <MeatPlusSomething>, working as a freelance pottery instructor.




"I have been constantly motivating to find various ways to work with clays. it can be sculptural or functional. feeling and emotions that are too hard to put into words can be aptly expressed with clay. 

...describing work is not always relevant, especially when the work is made for a visual and physical experience. Although, I would describe my work as 'A journey to find SOMETHING', to find the better way to freely express myself. "

"What does <Meat Plus Something> mean?"

Photography Copyright © 2020 Seungha Summer Lee

"I've come to the conclusion that we have two intellectual categories.

Those who think we are lumps of meat.  And those who think we are meat plus something else.

What is that something? A soul? And if no soul, then what is the difference between the living and the dead?

What is no longer "alive" when you are dead?  What constitutes awareness? And what percieves perception?

If it is the senses that distinguish experience, then what does the sensing?

Where do the senses derive their information from and where are they sending it to?

What and who are you?"

SOMETHING can be anything. Inspirations and experiences from everywhere. Things I have seen, the places I have been.

Because I am not just a lump of meat, but MEAT PLUS SOMETHING.